Rehearsal Recordings

Elementary CSWS Tracks 

Come to the music (2 Part) - Joseph Martin

Accompaniment Accomp - No Picc Part 1 Part 2


A Melody of Love (2 part) - Jim Papoulis

Accompaniment Soprano Descant Alto


Ridin' in a buggy (SSA) - arr. Ruth Dwyer

Accompaniment Soprano I Soprano II Alto


The Raggedy Man (Unison/2 Part) - Mellis keylock and jill friedersdorf

Accompaniment Part 1 Part 2


Hine ma tov (sa) - arr. henry leck

Accompaniment Soprano Alto


A million dream (from The Greatest showman) (2 Part or SAB) - arr. Mac huff

Accompaniment Soprano Alto Baritone