For 31 years, Circle the State with Song (CSWS) has been an integral part of Indiana’s choral landscape. This program is a statewide choral festival for elementary and junior high/middle school choirs. Nearly 5,000 youth from hundreds of different schools participate in Circle the State each spring at one of 12 sites throughout Indiana.  Over 15,000 community members attend these concerts annually. 

Elementary and Middle Level Honor Choirs

Since 1990, IMEA has sponsored an elementary and a middle school honor choir. Selected students who are participating in Circle the State with Song Area Festivals will have the opportunity to audition for these All-State Honor Choirs. These choirs are select groups of approximately 150 singers chosen by teacher recommendation and audition. Our goal is to choose singers from each of the 13 area CSWS Festivals to fill balanced parts. Both groups will perform in Indianapolis on May 19-22, 2021 at the Palladium in Carmel.

High School Circle the State with Song

Now in its 3rd year, the High School Circle the State with Song Festival will be virtual in Fall 2020.  Join us for a virtual performance that will be released in January 2021 during the IMEA Professional Development Conference.  The registration deadline is extended to Wednesday, December 9.

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