Since 1988, Circle the State with Song (CSWS) has been an integral part of Indiana’s choral landscape. This program is a statewide choral festival for elementary and junior high/middle school choirs. Thousands of youth from hundreds of different schools participate in Circle the State each spring at festival sites throughout Indiana.  Over 15,000 community members attend these concerts annually.

Each year, IMEA announces the repertoire for the Festival at the beginning of the school year and music educators spend months preparing their students for the festival events in February and March. As a result of the success of Circle the State with Song, IMEA has been able to regularly commission new choral music for the festival choirs, providing students an opportunity to be part of a world premier many times over. The challenging repertoire helps elevate the music instruction at the participating schools, and it also provides an exciting and culminating experience for the youth. During the festival, the participating schools rehearse and perform together under the director of a highly experienced Clinician. The primary objectives of the program include:

  • Provide students with an exciting and quality choral performance with other students from their area;
  • Allow music teachers an opportunity to observe and learn from the clinician working with the students, plus to share and discuss vocal pedagogy with other teachers; and
  • Provide students the challenge and opportunity to sing quality children’s choral repertoire.



October 11, 2016- Honor Choir registration and audition submission deadline

December 6, 2016- CSWS registration deadline