Scholarship Request Form

Please read the following information and note the changes before applying for scholarships.

  1. There are a limited number of scholarships that will be awarded in each area. Each area will award 2 elementary and 2 middle level scholarships for the area festivals to deserving students. (If awarded an area scholarship and chosen for honor choir, students will automatically be considered for an honor choir scholarship. There will be an additional opportunity for other honor choir members to apply for an honor choir scholarship on the honor choir registration.
  2. Each registered school may apply for only two scholarships. If a teacher teaches at more than one school, each school may still apply for up to two scholarships.
  3. Only students that qualify for the free lunch program will be considered for a scholarship.
  4. The registration must include payment or purchase order for all registered students. Refunds will be made to the school for any awarded scholarships. The school may then refund money to the student.
  5. Teachers should print the Student/Parent portion of the application and send it home with the student to be filled out by the parent or guardian. Please obtain a parental signature before applying for scholarship assistance.

Forms MUST be submitted to your AREA COORDINATOR on or before DECEMBER 6, 2017. Requests submitted later than DECEMBER 6, 2017 will not be considered.

2018 CSWS Scholarship Form