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Since 1990, IMEA has sponsored an elementary and a middle school honor choir. Selected students who are participating in Circle the State with Song Area Festivals will have the opportunity to audition for these All-State Honor Choirs. These choirs are select groups of approximately 150 singers chosen by teacher recommendation and audition. Our goal is to choose singers from each of the 13 area CSWS Festivals to fill balanced parts. Both groups will perform at the IMEA PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT CONFERENCE, FRIDAY, JANUARY 12, 2018 at the Embassy Theater, Ft. Wayne, IN.
The 2018 fee for this choral experience will be $173 for students in both the Elementary Choir and Middle School Choir. This fee includes four meals, All-State music, on-line rehearsal recordings, and an overnight stay at the Hilton Hotel (Elementary Choir) and the Marriott Hotel (Middle School Choir) in downtown Ft. Wayne. A limited number of partial scholarships are available. Please make sure that any student whose teacher submits a Scholarship Form on their behalf understands that they are responsible for the balance of the cost, and that the full fee is to be sent pending approval of scholarship. If the scholarship is approved, a reimbursement will be provided from the IMEA office.  

Honor Choir Selection
Final selection will be made by the CSWS Committee in mid-November, 2017. Students and teachers will be notified of the decision no later than the third week in November, 2017. Rehearsal recordings for honor choir will be available on the web-site for each participating singer along with the honor choir repertoire. Please read carefully, follow the instructions, and meet the deadlines as stated in the audition process. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL DISQUALIFY THE AUDITION. It is our pleasure to offer your students this quality opportunity to learn and grow musically. Thank you for your continued interest in and support of IMEA and its programs.
If you have any questions regarding information or procedures, please contact the CSWS State Chair John Doty, or your CSWS Area Coordinator.

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